The beekeeping course consists in a range of lessons aimed at gaining good knowledge on the bees’ world. Giorgio Poeta, our “tutor” will lead you to the discovery of these amazing insects starting from their anatomy and physiognomy until the process of honey making. The course is divided into three levels.


The course offers ground notions about the bees’ world. You will learn plenty of information about the bees’ anatomy, you will have the chance to taste different types of honey learning how to spot their specific features, and, last but not least, you will learn how to build a hive!
Durata 2 ore.



The medium level course will give you the opportunity to reinforce your knowledge about the bees, gain considerable practical experience on how to build a hive and harvest honey and you will also have the opportunity to visit an apiary!
Length: 8 hours.



The advanced course is a three-days “full immersion” in the bees’ universe. It includes lessons on how to breed bees at a professional level, with three different visits to the apiary.
Lenght: 18 hours.


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